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Are You Ready To Discover 

your life's purpose

I motivate and educate individuals on finding their life's purpose and living the life they desire.
Purpose should feel like finding out that you have a superpower
I give individuals the foundation they need to begin their journey and lead the life they always desire. 
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What's your superpower?

unlock your gift

Coach Rob! Motivations creates a safe space that allows individuals to find their greatest success during the purpose development coaching process. He uses his program Lead Me Everyday to help clients discover a deeper connection with themselves and learn to maximize their TAGS (Talents, Abilities, Gifts, and Strengths). Coach Rob! uses the Purpose Process to help individuals connect to their purpose and go from surviving to thriving.  The Coach's Box uses a framework that helps individuals learn how to navigate complex social challenges to unlock the untapped potential that lies within. 

Lead Me Everyday

By practicing self-leadership, we learn to lead others, because we learn to lead ourselves first.

Purpose Process

By discovering your life's purpose, you learn to live the life you've always desired.

The Coach's Box

Understand the concept of teachable space and having a teachable moment.

here's what you'll receive

When you work with me
Private coaching and accountability sessions
Watch anywhere, at anytime video resources to help you overcome daily challenges
Personalized comprehensive coaching plan based on your most pressing needs
A team that will help you find the power within and the steps to apply them to your everyday life 
Coach Rob

meet Coach Rob

Coach has delivered and developed workshops and presentation for a number of organizations such as The Mayo Clinic, The University of Minnesota-Rochester, The Ronald McDonald House, La Crosse County Social Work and Evergreen Youth and Family Services.  He also serves as a diversity consultant for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and other academic institutions and has used his experience as a part of Rochester Public School’s Strategic Planning Committee.
Coach is committed to learning and has degrees in Counseling Psychology, Biblical Studies and Theology, and is licensed Social Worker. His Masters’ work includes study in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. He is a 10-year veteran of the U.S. Army, and has served as the education director with the Diversity Council of Rochester, MN.  He currently works as the National Program director for a non-profit organization called Sports Mentorship Academy​
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